The Top Two Social Media Trends To Dominate 2020

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With the calendar completing its last turn, it is that time of the year again – when Fresh Crowd and every other social media expert makes predictions. The spotlight in this article remains on only two social media trends; for other trends, you can find out more here.

· Social Media Will Go Back To Its Original Ethos
Long back, Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, said that social media would return to its roots. In other words, it will eschew all mass-marketing tactics and go back to personal and intimate conversations. When Evan made the prediction, everyone assumed it was to promote his app that works on “phonebook-style” engagement.

What’s surprising is that the forecast is coming out to be accurate. Even as social media usage increases, consumers are focusing on private conversations. Intimate stories and genuine posts are getting more traction than public social media. The DMs of social sites see more action than the unrestricted part of them. WhatsApp and Messenger are becoming more popular.

· Authentic Online Influencer Will Hold More Sway
Influencers have risen to be the most effective tool for brands in generating new content and reaching new audiences. Come next year; authentic influencers will have more power than content creators who merely see it as a paycheck. The current consumer sees through paid partnerships that are not based on a real relationship within seconds. They are tired of celebrities and mega influencers pushing products and services.

Surveys show that more than 60% of customers think that influencer endorsements take undue advantage of impressionable people. With this thought, the average internet user is leaning towards nano and micro-influencers.

These are content creators who have a lesser number of followers, but their endorsements are reliable and based on genuine partnerships. As a result, small influencers show more engagement than mega-influencers and celebrities.

These are the two trends that will dominate social media sites in 2020. Besides these, there are six others that a savvy marketer should keep an eye on:

The tone and voice of brands will need to be more human.Users and consumers will be quicker at backlashing.
Even in B2B content marketing, socials will continue to play a significant role.
Every job will have a small role in social media.
Messaging apps will slowly rise to the forefront.
A more mature take will be needed by B2C brands when it comes to social media marketing.

Social media is dramatically different from what it used to be. It is the consumer and social users who have the power in their palms. A good social media strategist accepts this and uses it as the cornerstone for all their tactics.

The potency of social media in generating business and thickening profit margins will only grow in the coming few years. So, be a smarter SMM strategy maker, utilize the tips discussed here to make more impactful use of networks.

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