What is It?

'Player' is a demonstration of a very simple, Ogre3D-based, Online First-Person/RPG-like game. It is open-source and is meant to be studied by the intermediate programmer-- the following concepts are demonstrated:
  • Basic use of Ogre3D API
  • Game-state management
  • Project organization
  • Client/server networking with RakNet
  • Implementing and managing a simple, Canvas-based GUI
  • Heightmap terrain
  • Lag compensation
  • Config file parsing
  • Actors
  • Chase cameras
  • Terrain decals
  • Object titles


Player is licensed under Lesser GNU Public License 2.1


Player v2.0 - Demo Windows7.18 MB 1261
Player v2.0 - Source Windows; MSVC 9, Ogre 1.60+8.53 MB
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